6 Reasons Guys Should Watch Where They Appear

6 Reasons Guys Should Watch Where They Appear

Guys prefer to glance at pretty women. Groundbreaking finding, I Understand…

For the Christian guy – i.e., a person whom follows Christ wholeheartedly and seeks to reside with integrity as an effect – this desire presents dilemmas. Whenever a lady that is pretty us in the sidewalk, one thing inside drives us to check – as soon as, twice, also thrice, or even more.

This searching “twice, thrice, or higher” is cause of concern. It appears harmless (you’re not touching or having an event, right?), but what’s in the centre of it? Before you label me personally prudish or legalistic, keep reading.

My SoCal Heritage Shock

We are now living in sunny Southern California where addressing up is culturally optional. If there’s one spot within the national nation where folks are more “appearance aware”, it is Southern Ca. Continue reading “6 Reasons Guys Should Watch Where They Appear”